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  1. What is a pre-hung door?
    R:/ A pre-hung door is a door that is already hanging in its own frame. It's a fully self-contained unit. Even before installation, it's theoretically possible to open and close the door within its own frame. The main parts of a pre-hung door are: door slab, hinges, and frame.
  2. What type of service you provide?
    R:/ At Finest Doors & Locks we offer a wide variety of services in order for you to have your door project completed without problems from beginning to end. We not only provide the sales service in Miami and Broward County, but we also finish your door and make the installation ourselves; all under the same roof. With Finest Doors & Locks you won’t have to deal with anyone else other than us.
  3. How can I clean my doors?
    R:/ Depending on your door would be the way in which you could make a proper cleaning. If you happen to have a fiberglass door or wood door then a damped cloth will do just fine, however, for exterior doors the cleaning should be with a mineral spirit solution to remove dust and oil from the environment such as pollution effect. It is not recommended to clean doors with solutions such as Pledge or some other products that contains oils if you are about the do a refinish on your door. This is because the oils can react with the refinishing products cause damage to your door.
  4. Do you sell Fire Rated Doors?
    R:/ Yes. At Finest Doors & Locks we sell fire rated doors for residential and commercial applications up to 90 minutes of fire contentions.
  5. Do you sell impact rated doors?
    R:/ Yes. We sell impact rated doors that can range from wood doors, fiberglass doors, steel doors and many others including a wide selection in impact rated decorative glasses.
  6. Do you do custom door designs?
    R:/ Yes.  At Finest Doors & Locks we can build your dream door. Whether it came from an Italian magazine, a contemporary style or reproduction from an old time, we can build it for you.
  7. Do you ship doors to my area?
    R:/ We deliver in the Miami-Dade county and Broward county. For more information regarding our shipping areas please contact us.
  8. Do you offer free on-site estimate?
    R:/ Of course.  We are confident that you will be pleased with our service and that is why we give you a free on site estimate so that we can treat your project independently as we understand that each door project is different and has its own characteristics.
  9. Do you offer professional finishing?
    R:/ Yes. One of our main goals is to provide our customers with excellent and professional finish. We want to guarantee that your door has a long life span and that has an excellent and smooth finish.
  10. Do you have any doors in inventory ready to sell and ship?
    R:/ Yes. We carry several models in stock ready to be sold to guarantee our costumers their promptly replacement in the event that your door its being replaced due to an emergency.